Hottie Amps

Hottie Amp

Do you like your guitar tone a little burnt around the edges? Plug your guitar into a Hottie Amp, add a little jam, and serve up a nasty breakfast of fuzz, buzz, rattle and hum.

What does a Hottie Amp sound like? … a freight train de-railing? … a tornado tearing up a village of aluminum trailers? … your engine tached-out without oil? This is American-made hard rock distortion at its best.

We start with a vintage American toaster, a Jensen speaker, and a solid state amp circuit that provides classic overdrive and sweet sustain. Hottie Amps have an input jack and an output jack … that’s it. Volume and tone can be adjusted via your guitar’s volume and tone controls. Dialing back the volume on your guitar will clean up your sound considerably. Dialing back your guitar’s tone knob will warm up your sound providing a fat bluesy tone. The 6″ Jensen “MOD” speaker breaks up nicely and provides enough volume for practice, travel, or home use. Sound from the speaker bounces around inside the toaster and creates a natural reverberation before exiting through the bread slots. Hottie Custom Amps are finished with an automotive quality custom paint job and are built in limited numbers by Jean-Claude Escudie, owner Hottie Inc..

We encourage you to try the output jack with an external speaker cabinet. You’ll be surprised how powerfully your Hottie Amp will drive a cab. Hottie Amps will power any 4, 8, or 16Ω speaker cabinet. The Input Jack acts as a power on switch. Therefore, the battery doesn’t need to be unplugged when you’re finished playing. A fresh 9-volt battery will provide you with hours of power.

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