• Mark Karan
    Bob Weir & Ratdog (Guitarist)
    "Get that brown sound... crispy bite w/crunchy, warm tones and buttery highs to deliver those burning hot tasty solos. yummm..."
  • Kelly LeMieux
    "Break out the toast 'cuz this baby is butta!"
  • Bryan Stuar
    Motor '76 (Guitarist)
    "I'm really impressed"
  • Gene Crout
    America Gomorrah (Guitarist)
    Audio Digital (Producer)
    "Fascinating! For some reason, I feel compelled to play "La Grange" every time I power her up!"
  • Todd Nault
    Furious George
    "It's amazing how loud that little monster can get"
  • Phil Dudden
    Stoned Emotion
    "I used the Hottie Amp on my song Circles ... it turned out awesome!"
  • "This thing is a riot. I love it!"
  • "I'm using a Clapton Strat with the boost, through a Mesa Boogie 2 x12 cab. This thing screams."
  • "I like my tone a little bit burnt around the edges."
  • "I think she is still sustaining from her last practice session!"
  • "Stylistically, of course this amp is top-notch. But beyond that, the versatility and uniqueness of sound it produces make it an indispensible musician's tool, not to mention an unparalleled conversation piece. Thanks again! I'm in love."
  • Jean Burger
    Toast (Groupie/Wifey)
    "The amp has a really good bite to it. It was the perfect birthday gift!"
  • Chris Ash
    Toaster Fork!
    "Hearing Toaster Fork! songs coming from a real toaster is priceless! Again, THANKS! Great product..."
  • Aimee
    28-200 (Guitarist /Bassist/ Percussion)
    "She's so...sniff...beautiful. She's beyond crunchy, just the way I like it! A fab addition to my arsenal."
  • Gabriele Capogna
    Gold Music Italy
    "... it is full of power and really hot!"
  • Arne Von Brille
    Taranaki Guitars
    "These pickups are very dynamic and honest in tone"
  • "The sustain I'm getting is unbelievable and the clean tones from the Hottie Neck Pickup are just dripping! Sweet as pie ..."